I've spent the past several years learning how to beatbox by watching videos, attending events, and even living in "The Beatbox House" in Brooklyn. I now want to join the pioneers pushing beatboxing forward, and, more importantly, I want to offer people the tools they need to learn the art form. During my time at Harvard I helped organize several of their first ever beatboxing events, with the most notable being Reeps One's week-long residency through the Office for the Arts. Additionally, I've been helping with the revival of humanbeatbox.com, and have led workshops and performances at several elementary, middle, and high schools. I believe that working on your own craft is only half as important as finding ways to teach, uplift, and inspire others, which is why I'm in the process of starting my own beatbox education company. Please reach out if you or someone you know would like to learn how to beatbox!


Beatbox "Battles" (a remnant of beatboxing's roots in Hip-Hop) are a popular outlet for beatboxers to perform and compete. For most events, entrants are ranked, then the "Top 16" are selected for the actual battle. The Top 16 then face off in a single elimination bracket until there is a winner.

devon beatboxing green haze.jpg

Winner: 2015 Boston Urban Elixir Beatbox Battle
Top 8: 2014 American Beatbox Championships (Loopstation Battle)
Top 10: 2016 Midwest Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2015 Boston Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2015 New England Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2014 Midwest Beatbox Battle