I n t e r a c t i v e   s t o r y t e l l i n g

Like many artists, I've been drawing "ever since I was little." In high school, this interest became a passion, one which led me to study animation at Harvard. 

I create playful, surreal gifs, and I often make short animations in a similar style. In many of these short films I take an interesting piece of audio and find a way to enhance it with visuals.

For instance, the two animated pieces I've linked to below involve music and conversations.  In Talkletters, I animated a story told by a friend of my great-grandparents that they recorded in the 70's. In Mouth Music, I pair abstract animation with audio snippets I recorded while living with "The Beatbox House," an up-and-coming team of beatboxers based in Brooklyn, NY. 

As much as I love animation, I love finding new ways to tell stories. For my senior thesis animation at Harvard, The Hedgehog Dilemma, I included haptic feedback as an effort to communicate through more than just audio and video, and to make the film more accessible. It was the North American winner in the 2017 Undergraduate Awards.