2017 "Day in the Life" Feature on Crimson Education

In May of 2017, Harvard featured me on their official Instagram to talk about beatboxing.

Caption: “In my spare time, I love beatboxing. I got into beatboxing through an acapella group I was in in high school, but then I actually got lucky enough to get a grant from Harvard to go live with some of America’s best beatboxers, and I got to make a little animation about them. I think what I’m most interested in with beatboxing is just how many sounds the human voice can make. We all have similar equipment. A lot of people think of it as kind of a party trick, and so it's really exciting to try to push it more into the legitimate musical realm.”⠀

     For our Instagram takeover, Harvard College freshman Lance Oppenheim (@lanceopp) met up with Devon Guinn (@dguinnstagram), a senior in Quincy House studying film and animation