From birthday parties to corporate launch parties, I do it all! Make your school assembly unforgettable, spice up karaoke night with a beatboxing emcee, or bring some variety to your concert with a beatbox opener. I tailor each performance to you, so let's get creative!


After planning and organizing Harvard beatbox workshops with some of the best beatboxers in the world, I started teaching my own workshops. Whether it's a one-time thing, or a beatboxing series, I know how to make it fun and useful. I teach all age groups, and there is no experience required!

Sample Workshops: Beatbox Improv,  The Fundamental's of Beatboxing,  Teaching Beatboxing in the Classroom,  Beatbox Performance Masterclass,  Beatboxing for A Cappella,  Mastering Mic Technique,  And More!

Lessons and

People often forget that beatboxing is just like any other instrument. It takes time, practice, and instruction to really master the craft. I teach private lessons in person or online, and I also offer coaching for beatboxers getting ready for a gig or competition.

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Curriculum Assistance

Beatboxing is getting huge right now, and music teachers are scrambling to incorporate it into their music curriculum. Unlike other instruments and disciplines, however, there are very few learning and teaching resources out there. That's why I've created many learning and teaching tools, and am creating even more... from lesson plans, to worksheets, to practice books. Beatboxing isn't only useful in a music classroom either, it's a fun way to help teach phonetics, public speaking, foreign languages, and even film or animation.