Kicks are a beatboxing foundation. Originally, their purpose was to mimic kick drums, hence their name, but now have evolved to be more complex. Typically, they help provide the foundation for the beat, usually falling on the downbeat. 



Lip Kicks are kicks made using the lips. Their base notation symbol is a B. This may be confusing at first since many are similar to the "p" sound in English.

Basic Lip Kick

The Basic Lip Kick is, of course, the most basic kick and one of the first sounds every beatboxer should learn. This sound is made by creating pressure behind closed lips and then releasing it quickly. It is very similar to the p sound in "push."

Audio: Coming Soon!

Pro Tip: Limit the amount of air coming out after the sound is released to make it as clean as possible.

Inward Basic Lip Kick

The Inward Basic Lip Kick is like the Basic Lip Kick but with air coming into the mouth instead of going out it.  This sound is made by creating suction behind closed lips and then bringing air into the mouth quickly after opening the lips. Rather than feeling like making a "p" sound, this sometimes feels a bit more like making an "m," but again, with air flowing in past the lips.

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Pro Tip: Rather than a high pitched smacking sound, which is a good start, this should be low pitched and sound powerful rather than tinny.

Short Liproll Kick

As with many Liprolls (the strange group of sounds that involve vibrating the side of the lips in a specialized mouth position), this sound can be done inward or outward.  The best way to describe it is that it is either an outward or inward Basic Kick, but from the side of the mouth, using the liproll position. 

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Pro Tip: This sound is more advanced. If you're having trouble, try learning some other Liprolls first.



Throat Kicks are kicks made mainly using the vocal chords. Their base notation symbol is a U. They can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so practice at your own risk. I always stay hydrated and stop if there is any pain, but I'm not a medical expert and can't give medical advice.

Vocalized Throat Kick

This sound is made by making an aggressive "uh" sound, but with the air and sound coming out of the nose. It can be elongated to essentially be humming, and can technically also be de-voiced so that it is just an airy bass sound made by releasing air built up behind your vocal chords.

Audio: Coming Soon!

Pro Tip: Don't overthink it! This is basically just humming. But do make sure the attack is strong and quick.

Muted Throat Kick

This sound is similar to the Vocalized Throat Kick, but made with the tongue blocking the air from coming out of the mouth or nose. The effect is a muted but more electronic sounding kick, and can be powerful and unique kick.

Audio: Coming Soon!

Pro Tip: Try seeing how low a tone you can make with this kick. Now try making some on a higher pitch! Both can be used in beats, depending on the circumstance.


Thanks for reading! Check back for updates, and, as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments!
Devon Guinn