About Beatboxing Sounds - Overview


The human mouth and voice can make thousands of sounds, only a few of which are usually used in singing or speaking. In beatboxing, we make use of the full range of sounds humans can produce. This can be tricky to learn, since we aren't used to using some of the muscles used in beatboxing, and it can be tricky to talk about, since we don't have agreed upon names for many beatboxing sounds.

My system breaks sounds up into useful categories, many that are commonly agreed upon by the beatboxing community, and offers audio examples of sounds in each category. It doesn't have every sound, but I've started with the basics and am working up from there, so check back for updates.


Sound Families

I call the broadest groups of sounds sound "families." I mainly use agreed upon groups of sounds, for families, but some other systems may vary. I find this easiest to remember and learn, and it helps to have these standard groups when talking about or notating beatboxing.

I call them families, because each of the sounds within a family are related. Within each family there are also subgroups that are composed of other sub groups and sounds. Here are the families and their main sub groups. Just like in real families, sometimes a member can belong to another family as well. 

Lip Kicks,  Throat Kicks

Lip Snares,  K Snares,  Special Snares

Hi-Hats,  Shakers,  Breath Fills

CLICKS and POPS - Coming Soon
Lip Pops,  Tongue Pops,  Front Tongue Clicks,  Back Tongue Clicks

BASS SOUNDS - Coming Soon
Lip Bass,  Vocalized Bass,  Tongue Bass

This Section Coming Soon!

This Section Coming Soon!

Hopefully this system is as helpful for you as it is for me. Check back for updates, and, as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments!

Thanks for reading!